Facts You Probably Did Not Know About San Francisco

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This blog post will provide some fun facts about San Francisco that you may not know. San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the United States. With all that it has to offer, it’s no wonder why!  From its famous landmarks to its diverse culture, there is something for everyone in this city by the bay! So whether you’re a tourist or a local, be sure to check out these fun facts about San Francisco.

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8 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About San Francisco

Chinese Fortune Cookie

Makoto Hagiwara, a Japanese immigrant from San Francisco, created the modern-day fortune cookie in the late 1890s, which he served at the Golden Gate Park’s Tea Garden. He created fortune cookies and hid a thank you letter inside for the folks who supported him during difficult times.

Visit the Ross Alley fortune cookie factory in Chinatown to see how fortune cookies are produced. You can witness fortune cookies being produced by the dozens here and buy them fresh to eat!

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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Bridge is painted international orange, but this was not initially planned. The army preferred red and white stripes on the bridge, while the navy preferred yellow and black stripes. The final hue wasn’t on the list; it was simply the color of the primer used to preserve the steel, but Irving Morrow, the bridge’s consulting architect, saw the remarkable reddish-tinged priming coat that was sprayed on some of the steel, which inspired the vibrant color. He liked it since it blended in with the topography, so it stayed.

The stunning color took some convincing to get authorized, but Morrow argued that the bright, red-orange tone would enhance the gray fog, golden and green hills, and blue lake and sky.

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Oldest Chinatown

There are numerous reasons why visiting Chinatown is high on many ‘what to do in San Francisco’ lists. The city’s Chinatown, founded in 1848, is the oldest in North America. It is approximately one mile long and one and a half miles wide. Chinatown is home to almost 100,000 individuals.

It is the city’s most densely populated neighborhood. However, it is teeming with colorful alleys, dim sum businesses, karaoke bars, and galleries, making a visit to this part of San Francisco an unforgettable experience!

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More than 50 Hills

San Francisco is known for being a hilly city. However, you may be surprised to hear that the city is built on over 50 hills! Many people believe that the city only has 7 or 9 hills, however there are actually more than 50 identified hills. Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, and Twin Peaks are among the most well-known. Golden Mine Hill, Excelsior Heights, and Tank Hill are a few of the lesser-known ones.

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The Alcatraz federal prison is located on the California island of Alcatraz. It hosted violent inmates such as Al Capone. The island was dubbed ‘La Isla de Los Alcatraces’ by Juan Manuel de Ayala, a Spanish explorer, and discoverer of the island. The name directly translates to “island of the pelicans.”

But did you know that before it became a prison in 1934, Alcatraz was a military fort? It was constructed to protect against a foreign invasion and was used during the American Civil War.

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Yerba Buena

San Francisco was founded in 1776 but was not named until 1846. Prior to the renaming, the city was known as “Yerba Buena,’ which translates to “excellent herb.’ The city was named for the wild mint that grew near where the first European immigrants pitched their tents. The original community had a bustling public area, which is now known as Portsmouth Square in Chinatown.

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San Francisco Bay

Many people assume that the waters of San Francisco Bay are teeming with dangerous sharks, yet there are no man-eating sharks in the bay. While there are sharks in the bay, the majority of them are small and not particularly threatening. 

There are several great white sharks in the Pacific Ocean nearby, but they rarely make their way into the harbor. (However, a great white was sighted feeding in San Francisco Bay and captured on camera for the first time in October 2015!).

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Dog Paradise

San Francisco is regarded as being a welcoming city for all visitors, including our four-legged companions. In fact, San Francisco was placed first in a recent assessment of the country’s best pet-friendly cities! According to an American community survey and a U.S. census in 2016, there were around 115,000 children (under the age of 18) and approximately 120,000 to 150,000 dogs in San Francisco. San Francisco clearly adores dogs.

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f you’re looking for a new place to call home, San Francisco is definitely worth considering. There’s so much to love about this city – from the amazing food and culture to the stunning scenery. Before making your final decision, be sure to check out some of these fun facts that you probably didn’t know about San Francisco. And if you need help getting settled in once you make the move, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be more than happy to assist you with all of your relocation needs. 

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