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Moving is never easy.

The other way around – packing, wrapping, finding a moving company is very stressful and exhausting. Moving large furniture or heavy items is a laborious task: without special preparing, detailed planning and right precautions, it can easily turn into disaster. To make everything work out well when moving with heavy items, follow these simple but useful tips.

Tell movers beforehand

First of all, let movers know about possible heavy items and furniture in advance. In case you have some particularly heavy items like gun safe, piano fridge or washing machine it is necessary to inform your movers about it. The team would be prepared and well-equipped when they come to your place. Probably, an extended team of specialists would be needed in order to cope with weights. Beyond that don’t forget to tell the moving company about possible problem situations such as a lack of elevator, narrow corridors, stairs, etc. Heavy items are included in our rates, but we kindly ask you to notify us as soon as possible.

Prepare furniture

To help movers accomplish their work trouble-free and in time, we recommend to disassemble your furniture and make sure it is empty. Remove any loose parts of the furniture to make it easy and safe when shifting, and better move it piece by piece if possible. Also take all the contents out from the furniture and place them into moving boxes. One more useful tip: wrap the furniture in moving blankets and secure with stretch film – this will keep your belongings damage free. However we can do it for you. Don’t forget that packing/ unpacking items, assembling/ disassembling and wrapping are included when you pick our mover. Moreover, it is better to measure the dimensions of your heavy belongings and furniture and measure the width of the doors and the height of the ceilings. By doing this you’ll check if all your furniture can fit through the door. In addition, if you are going to take with you a washer or a dryer – gas and water should be removed before moving. Carrying gas is prohibited.

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Get pre-estimate

Better try several in-home estimates from different companies and choose the one with the best offer. Movers’ staff will come to your place and make a visual survey of everything you want to be packed and moved. It will help to take a good look at any possible problems that could arise. Our company guarantees that final price of your relocation won’t be higher than the one estimated in-home.

See about parking

If you are moving from apartment building, you may know that usually there is a lack of parking places nearby. Parking place for movers’ trucks should be close to your house in order to reduce time spent on long walks of staff. It is better to reserve parking spot nearby reasonably in advance, especially if you live in San Jose or San Francisco downtown. Mind that the process of parking place’s approval may take up to two weeks. But nevertheless these actions will save money on parking tickets of movers’ truck and there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Reserve an elevator

Carrying heavy items and furniture is quite challenging without an elevator. If your apartment building has one, you better book it in advance.To make a booking, request a reservation with management, outlining the day and time you will require the elevator. In some cases, you will be charged by the hour for your elevator reservation.

Also you can get all the related information and rates on our website or by phone.


List of the things INCLUDED in our rates:

– Truck

– Processing

– Mileage

– Stairs

– Long Walks From Your Door To The Truck

– Blankets & Pads

– Disassembly & Reassembly For Large Furniture

– Unlimited Shrink Wrap & Tape

– Floor Protection (must be requested at least 48 hours prior to your move)

– Wardrobe Boxes (free to use on the day of the move but must be returned)

– Heavy Items*

*If you have a piano, a safe, or any other items that could be considered excessively heavy (300lbs or more), please notify us immediately as we may not be able to provide service for those items.


We are a local moving company established in San Jose in 2010. All these years we serve our commercial and residential customers all around the Bay Area and Los Angeles county. Our goal is a happy and affordable moving experience.

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