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How to find local movers in San Jose?

According to mymovingreview.com, in 2019 local moves – household moves occurring within 100-mile radius inside the boundaries of the state of the origin – claimed to a new high – 45,5% compared to decreased interstate moves (55,5%).(https://www.mymovingreviews.com/move/moving-statistics-2019-annual-moving-industry-infographic). Moreover, California as well as Texas were the top states for local moves in 2019. It explains the growing number of moving companies in the Golden State. Compared to federal giants small local moving companies supposed to be more affordable and faster experience. Local companies do their best to gain good reputation and customers’ trust. That’s why they often offer an excellent service and keen price. However, of course, in such a vast variety it seems difficult to decide which mover to hire. Here are some useful tips that can ease this process for you.

License and insurance are important

Local companies often offer more attractive prices. But make sure you are not going to hire cheap unlicensed movers without insurance. A2bmovers are licensed in California Public Utilities Commission and authorised to operate in California. If possible choose moving company with insurance. In case any of your possessions break or get lost during the move. The expense then can be recovered through an insurance claim. Hiring us you won’t have to worry about your goods’ safety – our work is insured up to 1 000 000 $. All your belongings and property will be fully covered, packed and delivered carefully in time. Insurance is already included in prices.

Take a look at reviews

If your friends, family or co-workers don’t have recommendations, get a list of reliable movers from rating sites as yelp.com or Google Maps. A2bmovers has great feedbacks and high rates – it is easy to check!

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Consider experienced

Even though local moving usually seems quite easy, better rely on movers with experience instead of fly-by-nighters with cheap rates. A2bmovers is a team qualified professional movers with a decade of experience. We have been working in the Bay Area and Los Angeles county for many years, so we are completely comfortable with navigating, routing, parking, finding best by-pass etc. Let us unsure you that our team will make your relocation absolutely stress-free and seamless. We’ll arrive on time, load your belongings, pack them if necessary and deliver everything to your new place on schedule.

Check extras

Frequently local movers offer low-cost service. Nevertheless, we advise you to double-check you finally won’t pay additional fees. Undoubtedly it can become a very unpleasant surprise. Packing/ unpacking goods, assembling/ disassembling, wrapping, long distance walking are included when you pick our mover. We provide special appliance and packing materials if needed. Our price calculation is very simple and based on time spent on moving and delivering your belongings. No additional fees or charges of any kind! Beyond that, tax is already included. See it for yourself and check the rates on our website a2bmoversinc.com. We provide one of the best prices in the Bay Area – two movers and a truck from 104$/hr including insurance. Moreover, you can get absolutely free in-home or video pre-estimate. We guarantee that final price of your relocation won’t be higher than the one estimated.

Also you can get all the related information and rates on our website or by phone.

List of the things INCLUDED in our rates:

– Truck

– Processing

– Mileage

– Stairs

– Long Walks From Your Door To The Truck

– Blankets & Pads

– Disassembly & Reassembly For Large Furniture

– Unlimited Shrink Wrap & Tape

– Floor Protection (must be requested at least 48 hours prior to your move)

– Wardrobe Boxes (free to use on the day of the move but must be returned)

– Heavy Items*

*If you have a piano, a safe, or any other items that could be considered excessively heavy (300lbs or more), please notify us immediately as we may not be able to provide service for those items.

We are a local moving company established in San Jose in 2010. All these years we serve our commercial and residential customers all around the Bay Area and Los Angeles county. Our goal is a happy and affordable moving experience.

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